Here are some articles on using mindfulness and patience to start where we are, to accept wholeheartedly our unhappy or negative thoughts with a view to transforming them.

still want to smack someone need meditationThe Biggest Problem Ever

Extract: We take our thoughts to heart, believe them at face value, pay attention to them, give them more food, build entire storylines around them. We rewind, thinking, “I feel bad today and, come to think of it, I always feel a bit depressed.” We fast-forward, thinking, “I feel bad today and this is the only thing I’ll ever feel.”

Exploring our potential for peace and omniscience

IMG_6686Extract: But it is only by discriminating what is going on within our mind that we can plumb our real potential – focusing on externals is like being caught up in just the froth, the waves, the bubbles, neglecting this enormous wellspring of power and freedom within us, failing to recognize that it is our thoughts that make our world, not the other way around.

VajrayoginiGetting perspective on hurt feelings

Extract: But could it simply be “I’m in a bad mood because I am in a bad mood”, and therefore need to let these thoughts go and practice love instead?

Accepting unhappiness without panicking

12743909_945984215455688_7422037828919330423_nExtract: How effective is it to cling onto misery really tightly while at the same time wishing it would go away?

Change our thoughts, change our world

Extract: There are plenty of natural pauses in the day if we know how to use them – if instead of pathologically filling them up with texting, FOMO, etc, we go in confidently toward the heart instead.

More articles on this subject in the pipeline.