2 thoughts on “No worries”

  1. This is wonderful for me. I love the idea of accepting or changing and Bring it on.
    Yes, I would like this imprinted on my mind forever. “Don’t think” as Kathy said is brilliant, and so very hard for me who has a mind that never stops, but now that I am really getting into buddhism I am becoming more hopeful and more connected. Thank you all so much. Fae.


  2. I was never much of a Dr. Seuss person but I must confess that I find the page above says it all. I used to spend large amounts of my life wishing I could change the past and worrying endlessly about the future. I have reached a point after 2 1/2 years of Buddhist study that I never think about changing the past, and worry about the future much less. I have a friend who says it all. “Don’t think”. If everyone lived in the now I wonder how much better the world would be.


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