Friday, May 20

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There are now well  over 500 articles on this site, covering a wide variety of subjects, all on the theme of transforming our daily lives, work, relationships, society, world, present & future, war, sickness, etc, through meditation and Buddhist ideas — making real spiritual progress and helping others.

We are glad you have found us.

If you are new to meditation and want to know the basics, please click here: How to meditate.

If you want some articles specifically written about and for this pandemic we are in the middle of, please click here: Coping with COVID. 

If you would like some help in dealing with stress and anxiety, please click here: Peace.

There is a lot to browse and hopefully you’ll find something you enjoy. If you want a little more background before you get stuck in, check out the About page.

I generally try to add approximately one new article a week, so please subscribe and come back soon.

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