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19 thoughts on “First visit?”

  1. I am new to this site which came highly recommended by a very good friend. She said it will be very helpful in studying..


  2. Samsara is so boring, like a broken record boring, like a hangover boring, like the finger pointing outwards from us ignorant humans instead of inwards boring, at the Coogee beach Christmas Day trashing. I’m am getting so bored of my boring predictable behaviour it is starting to fire a rocket up my non existent arse! Thank you Kadampa Life x

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  3. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful wisdom! I have a question about garden Buddhas, which have become culturally popular. I read that whenever you see a Buddha statue you should regard it as actual Buddha. Also, I was going to buy a t-shirt with a Buddha printed on it and someone advised against it because the shirt would get dirty. With this thinking in mind I cringe whenever I see a garden statue of Buddha (especially the decapitated heads!) because I wouldn’t want the statue to be damaged by or subjected to the weather. Am I wrong to feel this way?


    1. Thank you, I have had these questions myself.

      I don’t think the weather is such a problem as there are Buddha statues and stupas all over the world exposed to the elements. Hopefully, people will receive blessings from their garden Buddhas (I prefer the whole body too though). I personally am not too keen on t-shirts with Buddha images.

      Does anyone else have any input into this?


  4. Thank you so much Luna. Your articles make me feel as though there is hope and that I too can find inner peace and happiness. I truly appreciate all that you have shared on your journey. It has really helped me to heal. I grew up under what felt like really difficult circumstances and I have let myself believe others delusions about my own self. I hope that makes sense. Your site and the articles are helping me to understand that I need to let go of other peoples delusions and also my own. I have a feeling I will be working on this forever, but knowing there is support out there from people like you truly helps. Thanks Luna and blessings to you.


  5. Hello
    Thank you for helping to stop suffering. My question is how would you suggest one to tackle Je Tsong Kha-Pa’s The Great Treatise. I have been studying different texts on my own for years and then with a wonderful teacher and now am approaching this important challenge. I am interested in articles you might suggest, supportive books, videos, podcasts – these have been helpful to me before, groups that focus on on Lam Rim Chen Mo.
    Thank you.


    1. Dear Michael
      you have amazing great karma. I also have a good connection with Lama Tsongkhapa. i have the good fortune to have been a monk in his tradition for nearly 20 years. I also have read his Great treatise and found it rich and fascinating…BUT to be honest my only reason to read such things is to change my heart and I have found jut reading alone has done almost nothing for me. What we read is the tip of the iceberg of the great depth of meaning of JSK’s mind which will only ever reveal itself through receiving the blessings of a living qualified Lama who holds the lineage blessings. I have searched far and wide but one page of Geshe Kelsangs books bestows more blessings in my heart than anything else i have read. Of course I have faith in him and as such I hold him to be my Spiritual Guide. For this reason i can only suggest look into his books and see if you find the same thing? respectfully, Reading Dharma books alone is like burning sandlewood to keep warm but receiving the blessing of the meaning of his works is what has the actual power to change the mind and bring us home to our Buddha Nature deep in our heart


    2. reading back i would like to actually answer your question !! Sorry 🙂 – I would suggest that before each reading session you visualise Lama Tsongkhapa and his 2 sons in the space before you – make whatever preparations are meaningful to you (having the best intention) and as you read, imagine Lama Tsongkhapa himself is bestowing the meaning into your heart – imagine he is telling you the words directly as you read. I think this will bring special results


  6. Hi I’m new to this site and have recently set out on my own spiritual journey. This will be another out of many attempts, but I just refuse to give up on finding the bigger picture of life. I’m 18 which is young, very, but I have had experience with Buddhist teachers and they smile upon my potential to find out the cause of my suffering and help put and end to not just my own , but those I love.

    I aware that I may not be taken serious by others because I am young and have not come from from a very decent background, and I’m a female, but I will read your site and hope to increase my knowledge of how simple life can be if we cease the cause of our suffering.


    1. Dear Dorcree, How wonderful! I was also 18 when i found Buddha’s teachings, and I feel so lucky for that. I am also female, which is absolutely no impediment to overcoming the causes of our own and others’ suffering! I don’t think you need to worry about whether or not others take you seriously, that is not the point — the point is to remove suffering through our own joyful effort. I wish you every success.


    2. Hi Dorcree,I was 17 when I set out on the Buddhist path.I’m now in my 60’s so have found it meaningful to stick with it and keep going.Yes,I found too that not everyone took me seriously-young and female,but don’t let these things deter you.Ask for help and guidance from the buddhas,especially any you relate to,and keep going! Kimi x


  7. Dear Luna, I think your articles are like a light into our life as Kadampa practitioners, giving us joy to practice in a right way.


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