Celebrating a great Buddhist Master on his birthday

Wheel of Dharma on a Temple roof

Wrote this a few years ago, but it is still relevant! Please do share your own comments too.

Turning the Wheel of Dharma

Today, June 4, is the birthday of my kind teacher, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, and I want to mark the occasion by writing something about him. His birthday falls auspiciously on the day of Buddha Shakyamuni’s first teaching, called Turning the Wheel of Dharma Day; and for me and many thousands of other students, Geshe Kelsang, or Geshe-la as we like to call him, has been the one who has turned the Wheel of Buddha Shakyamuni’s teachings for us.

Geshe Kelsang’s Birthday in Dallas, 1997.

There is not a snowflake’s chance in hell that I could even begin to do him justice in one article, of course, even though I apologize in advance for its length. But I’ll try and highlight a few of his qualities as I see it, in case you are interested in hearing some more about one of today’s most influential Buddhist masters. There is also more about his life and works in this article.

Where did Geshe Kelsang come from?
Ven Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, circa 1978, London

Without getting into all the infinite causes and conditions that causes a great master to appear in our world, you can check out some of the biographical details of where he was born and brought up on any New Kadampa Tradition center website. After the 1959 invasion of Tibet, forcing him into exile with nothing but his robes and a couple of texts, Geshe Kelsang spent 18 years in retreat in the Himalayan mountains, meditating day and night — blissfully happy, needing nothing. I think of him first and foremost as a great Yogi, Dharma practitioner, Bodhisattva, and Tantric adept. Having spent his entire lifetime from an early age learning Buddhadharma, and well over 20 years in retreat, he possesses an ocean of direct experience of all the Buddhist teachings and therefore no interest whatsoever in the paltry rewards of fame, reputation, possessions or worldly pleasure. This is entirely obvious from his exceedingly humble, simple, generous lifestyle and his exceptional teachings. It means I can trust him as he wants nothing from me other than my own Buddhist practice.

Kyabje Trijang Dorjechang

Out of faith in his own teacher, the beloved Trijang Rinpoche, and compassion for people like me, he agreed in 1977 to come to Manjushri Institute in the Lake District and teach two Buddhist texts. Then when a small group of early students sincerely requested him to stay, he agreed.

When he first flew over London, he turned to his translator and asked: “How many people are down there?!” When he heard the reply, “10 million”, he exclaimed, “But there are only 5 million people in Tibet! I must help the West.” I and many other people are a result of that intention.

Manjushri’s wisdom sword
Manjushri from Geshe Kelsang’s 3-year retreat at Tharpaland.

There are uncanny parallels with the great 15th century scholar, Yogi and saint Je Tsongkhapa in terms of Geshe-la’s vision, teachings and deeds. Wielding Wisdom Buddha Manjushri’s wisdom sword, their teachings and books possess an uncommon but very similar clarity, and the instant ability to cut through confusion and suffering. When I read a book by Je Tsongkhapa, it always feels the same as receiving a teaching by Geshe Kelsang. Every sentence of Geshe Kelsang’s 22 books has power. I’ve read them all several times but if I read even one nectar-like sentence, and bring it into my heart, it instantly clears my vision and improves the flavor of my mind. With Geshe Kelsang’s books, you can never run out of quotable sentences!

His personal instructions to people have also changed their lives. He looks reassuringly normal, so we can relate to him; but he is also one of the greatest wisdom masters who has ever lived and can say and do things that are unpredictable yet deep-reachingly effective. Life is never dull.

Defier of expectations

You never know what to expect with Geshe Kelsang; he has defied expectations on a daily basis since the day he arrived over here. Gentle and kind, he nonetheless keeps his students on their toes. He doesn’t allow people to rest on their laurels for more than approximately 30 seconds – completely uninterested in their eight worldly concerns of praise, reputation and so on. He relates to his students in terms of their potential not in terms of their delusions. He is really not one for massaging an ego or cultivating a false sense of security, as he knows that our self-grasping and self-cherishing are the source of all our pain and misery. Someone senior in the tradition once said jokingly: “You aren’t anyone in the NKT until you’ve been fired three times.” Hyperbole, for sure, but Geshe Kelsang has demolished the ego-grasping of many students – all within the refuge of love and acceptance.

Modern Buddhism manifesting from ancient tradition
Not real yet, creating causes!

Geshe Kelsang had a very close relationship with his own Spiritual Guide, Trijang Rinpoche, who requested him to come to the West and approved of his adapting the presentation of the teachings for an entirely new audience. In this way the New Kadampa Tradition came into existence. Centuries-worth of authentic liberating teachings are available in a form that modern-day people can actually practice without having to abandon their modern lifestyles or retire to a mountain cave. In fact, Geshe Kelsang is showing us how to thrive in today’s overwrought world by using all the circumstances we meet to advance our spiritual practice, in the Lojong tradition of those sincerest of Buddhists, the ancient Kadampas.

The world has changed dramatically even in the last 30 years, especially with the technological revolution, but the Buddhist teachings are still working. Geshe Kelsang learnt our language fluently and translated everything we needed. When I started we would chant for hours in Tibetan! I kind of liked it, but it was entirely unsustainable even 30 years ago, and is inconceivable now! Most people are lucky if they have half an hour for formal meditation practice these days. So over the years Geshe-la has packed the profundity of the 84,000 teachings of Buddha into fewer and fewer words without losing their meaning; something that can only be pulled off by someone with rare experience and skill. This has culminated most recently in the masterpiece union of Sutra and Tantra, Modern Buddhism ~ The Path of Compassion and Wisdom. These profound yet simple instructions are even available in the most modern of formats, the eBook!

Ode to the ordained

Incredibly for this day and age, Geshe Kelsang has inspired a very large stable ordained community of monks and nuns. One day I would like to write an ode to the ordained – they are essential for the survival of the Buddhist tradition, and I think it must be harder than it ever was to be ordained, in a society that has in some ways lost its sense of history and authentic tradition. Respect and support are not as forthcoming as they used to be. These monks and nuns are brave warriors in a world that doesn’t understand the need for boundaries so well anymore. They are not allowed to live in an ivory tower, but have to become integral members of daily society without succumbing to its increasing distractions and temptations. They show the vital example of discipline, contentment and authentic happiness from within. They are amazing.

Four types of teacher

Geshe-la has also defied all old-fashioned Tibetan expectations by promoting, from day one, not just ordained monks but “four types of teacher”, as he put it, ordained, lay, female and male – all equal.Lekma.JPG

They all study together, work together, practice together. To help people everywhere have access to Buddha’s teachings in their own language and culture, Geshe-la has trained teachers of all shapes and sizes on an unprecedented scale (1100 centers and counting…) Centers start Gen Menlawhen someone reads a book or attends a meditation course and, in a grass roots movement, they ask for their own teacher in their own town or country. Then thousands of students from all around the world also get together in the New Kadampa Tradition international festivals each year.

Healing power
Geshe Kelsang in Tibet

Back in Tibet, Geshe-la was also a healer – when he revisited Tibet in the early 1980s to rebuild his first monastery Jampa Ling, the line to receive his healing blessings stretched for miles, much to the surprise of the Western students who had accompanied him. When he got to the West he changed his emphasis from healing to teaching, but there are many people who nonetheless can tell you incredible stories of healing through the force of his prayers and blessings. People with major heart attacks, aggressive cancer or in deep comas from accidents making complete and doctor-defying recoveries, children expected to die in the womb emerging healthy and beautiful, and so on. Again, no space for details – but it’d be great if any of you wanted to tell your stories in the comments.

The power of emanations

An interesting thing about Geshe-la is that many people have their own story to tell about him and his profound influence on their lives, and you wonder how there was time for him to do all this! He has only been in the West since 1977. It is as if this one small man is hundreds of people rolled into one. When you look at the sun reflected in the ocean, it comes right at you, nowhere else! But a person standing a few feet away will tell you the same thing – the sun is coming right at me! It is said that enlightened beings – anyone who has removed all obstructions from the mind and perfected all good qualities — have the power to emanate infinite forms, which are like reflections on the water of faithful minds. In that sense, I have my personal spiritual guide, you have yours. Buddha’s emanations can also appear in the form of one person due to our collective karma, and thousands of students may gather for example to hear Geshe Kelsang’s teachings; but the spiritual guide is always at the heart of each of his or her students, as if we have our own spiritual guide all to ourselves.

What is the meaning of Geshe Kelsang being here?

Geshe-la said himself that the meaning of his being here is to enable people to practice Kadam Dharma, and specifically gain a realization of the ultimate nature of things, emptiness, so as to finally escape the cycle of suffering. All the temples, study programs and so on are essential for Kadampa Buddhism to remain and flourish into future generations, but they are here for just one reason: to enable people to practice Buddha’s teachings and gain authentic freedom and happiness for themselves and others. These external developments are therefore not ends in themselves. For 35 years I have tried in many jobs to help my teacher with external developments, and will always help as much as I can; but over time I have increasingly come to understand from him that what he appreciates more than anything else is my Dharma practice. It makes him happy whenever I or others attempt to increase our compassion and wisdom, the two wings of a bird that can fly us to Happy Birthdayenlightenment.

So, Geshe-la, out of inexpressible gratitude for everything you have done for me and so many others, today I resolve to try my best to practice all you have taught and help you turn the Wheel of Dharma in this and all my lives.

Over to you: Your comments are most welcome.


Author: Luna Kadampa

Based on 40 years' experience, I write about applying meditation and modern Buddhism to improve and transform our everyday lives and societies. I try to make it accessible to everyone anywhere who wants more inner peace and profound tools to help our world, not just Buddhists. Do make comments any time and I'll write you back!

88 thoughts on “Celebrating a great Buddhist Master on his birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday Geshe-La! Thanks again Luna. I have not met him in person but feel a connection with him through the NKT teachers and his books and continue to be awe struck and inspired by his actions since coming to the UK. Perhaps, one day, I will get to be in his presence but hope with all my heart that he remains with us for a long time to come.

  2. Thank you for writing this tribute!!! I am so greatful everyday for him and his presentaom of his teachings.

  3. Happy Birthday Geshe-la many blessings for a very long life ! Thank you Luna for these words . We are sharing a bless to be between a loved Sanga Looking for a better heart/mind.
    All love and long life for Geshe-La.

  4. Hello Luna:

    I’m hoping you can help me put my hands on a personal story that Geshe-la shared (although for the life of me now, I cannot remember where I read it). I believe I read something in Geshe-la’s own words about the time he visited Trijang Rinpoche towards the end of his life or near the time of his death. I believe he said that tears were streaming down his face because he saw Heruka at Trijang Rinpoche’s heart. Can you point me in the right direction of where I may read this personal account again?

    Thank you much!

  5. Wonderful article Luna! Geshe-la is so precious to us all thanks for inviting him to the west. Without him my life would be meaningless. When I found him I cried I was so happy to finally be home. Geshe-la has helped me and those around me so much. He is a healer, guru, Buddha and such a wonderful teacher! Happy Birthday Geshe-la many blessings for a very long life and may we always meet him in every life we have.

  6. Thank you Luna. Thank you Geshe-La. I have only been with the Kadam a few years but I do not want to imagine my life without Geshe-La’s teachings; his teachings are my life now, as best I can manage.

  7. I now understand the meaning of your name. The moon merely reflects the light of the sun. Given how thoroughly you illuminate the sky, one cannot help but be amazed at the brilliance of the sun of your spiritual guide that you reflect. The best way we can repay Venerable Geshe-la’s kindness is to put his instructions into practice to the best of our ability and work to fulfill his compassionate vision for this world. How lucky I am to have both him and you in my life.

  8. Thanks for writing this Luna *good to see you back * I’m re-blogging it cause it says it all, really. I would disagree though, that ordained Sangha are ‘essential for the survival of the Buddhist tradition’. IMHO The ordained are only amazing when they actually practice the Dharma. When they do, they really are Sangha jewels, deserving of homage. But then there are so many brilliant lay practitioners as well. Please remember this when you do write your ode.

    1. It was Geshe-la himself who said this [‘essential for the survival of the Buddhist tradition’] and Luna is merely repeating it.

    2. Buddhists take refuge in the 3 Jewels. Sangha is one of the Jewels. Though the sangha here refers to the arya sangha but conventionally, it refers to the ordained sangha. So ordained sangha is essential.

  9. I could not even begin to find words to express what this divine soul has brought into being, all i can do is put my hands into prayer and say Happy Birthday x 😉

  10. Just got home from our Center celebrating Venerable Geshe-la’s birthday. I am so fortunate to have met Geshe-la and have been a Kadampa for 11 years.
    I actually met Geshe-la in Toronto in 2003 during the Vajrayogini empowerment.
    Thank you Luna for this most precious article about our Spiritual Guide!!

  11. Thank you Luna for the beautiful article honoring Geshe-la. My deepest thanks to you Geshe-la for appearing in this world to help all of us out of samsara. May you have many years yet with us.
    My first contact with Geshe-la ( in this life at least! 🙂 ) I didn’t know it was him. It was the Live Aid Festival… I’d heard on the news about a buddhist monk who’d sold his car and donated the proceeds. It really impressed me at the time ( in fact it’s all I remember about the Festival). Little did I know that almost 20 years later I would come in contact with him and his teachings! Bless you, Geshe-la, for 1) showing such a beautiful example of caring and 2) throwing out your hook of compassion to gather us to you. You have helped me and so many….you are the kindest person I’ve ever seen. May all of us aspire and attain to your level of attainments.

  12. amazed is all i can say… one day in the fullness of time we will all know the real meaning of human life …. all from one tiny man with a heart of gold… words can not express but my tears say it all a humble soul with love as his goal bless you geshe-la and bless you dorgechang.. my beautiful smiling empowering divine lights …….

  13. Dear one, thank you for your wise and inspiring words about Ven. Geshe-la.

    Once I was very ill and he said, “Do not think much “I’m sick.” Think of others.” I did and it worked very well for me. Also, I would like to share part of the last email I received from a very dear friend who practiced Dharma for several years while dealing with a very aggressive cancer:

    “The main thing these days is refuge, faith and being simple. I am so weak I cannot express, but my mind is quiet and thus can generate virtuous minds and not be swayed much. I am listening to recorded teachings and they help a lot. Tomorrow is the weakest point of the chemotherapy, then my blood counts will slowly climb and in two weeks I do it again. I am not sure I will make the Summer Festival, but I still have a dorm booked in case I can travel… miracles happen daily.
    So my friend, I am well and my body is very ill… I am using the Dharma Geshe-la has taught and it works so beautifully. It is not easy, but then neither is samsara. At least Dharma is the path out of samsara and makes the mind happy to boot.”

    She died very peacefully under Ven. Geshe-la’s care and protection. I have no doubt she’s taken a meaningful rebirth and will soon be in a position to continue to benefit others by making them happy.

    Thank you again for sharing your kind words of wisdom.

  14. I have just returned from the amazing NKT International Summer Festival in Cumbria. On a number of occasions I have felt like saying (while I was there) that it really doesn’t seem to matter that Geshe-la isn’t there, but I held back, it didn’t seem right. How could this be true? It seemed that by saying this I was diminishing Geshe-la’s importance. But then, after discussing with a wonderful member of the ordained Sangha it hit me that it was OK to say it, because Geshe-la WAS there – he pervades everything at the festival. His presence is palpable. Geshe-la promised that he would always be with us, and the experience of all of those attending the festival show this to be true. He is always with us, just as he promised.

  15. You have written this artical with such love and faith for Geshe la, how wonderful and inspiring!

  16. Dear Luna,
    It feels like a blessing to have come across your site and to be able to see others’ comments and your sincere and personal responses. It reminds me that we are always in the presence of our spiritual guide. Especially if we can accept everything as it is already ours, our karma. With a happy mind it doesn’t matter where we are , nor who we are with. The more I study and practise Geshelas precious Dharma, the more deeply profound it seems. It is so inspiring to hear others speak about their faith and joy in Geshela. We are the fortunate ones, may our wisdom grow exponentially.

  17. Dear Luna, It also feels like a blessing to come upon this article, the comments and your sincere and personal replies. It reminds me to see Geshe-las emanations in all sanga and all experiences. Accepting everything we experience because it is already ours, our karma is also our teacher! With a happy mind it does not matter where we are, nor who we are with. We are always with our spiritual guide. it is so inspiring to hear others voicing their love for Geshe-la. The more I practise the more profound his wisdom appears and the more I feel that this is indeed a most fortunate blessing to have even heard his name. My birthday wish is for the exponential increase of all our wisdom.

  18. Dear Luna i want to thank you for this beautiful article, those whom are the fortunate disciples of Gueshe-la pray that through studying these precious instructions, and in our daily life intent to put them into practice, we can in some small way repay the inmensurable kindness of our precious Spiritual Guide and Vajra Master.

    1. Thank you for a beautiful comment Maria.

      The monks at Shar Gaden in India also offered three long-life pujas for Venerable Geshe-la on his birthday. If anyone ever doubts why he stood up for these practitioners so fearlessly and selflessly, they should see the photos and videos of this. This has been, without doubt, another of his auspicious deeds, and will have far-reaching consequences for Kadam Dharma in the East as well.

      1. I was at the long-life pujas for Geshe Kelsang Gyatso at Shar Gaden Monastery.
        Absolutely wonderful to see such admiration for Geshe la and all he has done for us all.
        Almost every single monk at Shar Gaden has a picture of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso on the altar, me included.

  19. Defy expectations and let go of your grasping!

    I remember at Manjushri Centre years ago we would all have to move offices at least every 3 months… the Director changed very often too, as well as the Resident Teacher… all helped to cut my grasping and attachment to people and place, position and all the worldly concerns that go along with it…

    He has helped me to not see anything as ordinary… this has helped me amazingly… My daughter was taken into hospital 3 days ago and i could have gotten very worried, but instead i felt calm. i could see that it had opened up an opportunity to ask doctors questions and allow them to treat her and gain a lot more clarity into her situation — she is better than she has ever been now. I could only have had that positive outlook from meeting Geshe-la and studying the Dharma he so kindly brought to us and i am still enjoying putting it into my heart.

    Yes he does things radically, i love it! Pagpa is right he is thinking only of future lives… think like this and Temples arise! And one of the greatest masterpieces of Buddhist literature to ever have appeared on this planet, ‘Modern Buddhism’ because it effortlessly and with such clarity explains all of Buddhas 84,000 teachings… it is our modern path to enlightenment, i am feeling more and more fortunate every day…

    i think it’s hard to fathom just how i have been helped by him!! Thanks Luna for your personal touch on his life. x

  20. Love it! Especially the heading, “Defier of Expectations”, so true! My favorite line is “Geshe Kelsang has demolished the ego-grasping of many students – all within the refuge of love and acceptance”. He is so kind to do this. It does not always feel good when he helps with this, but so necessary. I pray to realize his humility…

  21. Dear Luna, thanks for such a wonderful article! Geshe-la indeed knows what we need and out of incommensurable kindness is giving us all! Life is never the same after knowing him and listening to a teaching!
    I prostrate to him _/l\_.
    There is not a moment in life in which he is not right beside guiding us!

  22. Thank you for this tribute to Geshe-la. I am fortunate to attend the NKT Dharmachakra center in Palm Springs. We celebrated both Geshe-la’s birthday and Turning the Wheel of Dharma (Dharmachakra) this weekend. It is wonderful to have the name of our center celebrated on the same day of Geshe-la’s birthday. Although I have never met Geshe-la, I have faith and respect for him as my Spiritual Guide. His Turning of the Wheel of Dharma in the West through his teachings and books gives me full faith he is a Buddha.

      1. You are correct. He brought Geshe-la to the United States for his first visit. It was actually to Seattle and not to Palm Springs.

        1. I think Leland C Miller came from Palm Springs but you’re right that Geshe-la gave his inaugural talks in Seattle. Leland C Miller had read Clear Light of Bliss and seen an article about Geshe-la and Live Aid syndicated from an Ulverston newspaper around the world, and put the two and two together. Then someone who met Geshe-la at that time, David Andrade, asked him to start a center in San Francisco, and so Saraha Center was born 🙂

          1. Leland is from Palm Springs, although we have never seen him at our center. He runs or did run the local newspaper here in the desert.

  23. O Geshe-la please remain for a very long time, always performing your excellent deeds! Please turn the Wheel of Dharma for us.

    Luna, thank you for your love and prayers! Sangha online roxx!

  24. This was beautiful. I attended the Medicine Buddha empowerment in New York where he delivered what I believe was his last teaching in the West and words cannot describe the experiences that I had and events that came to pass while I was there and particularly when I was in his presence. It is the first and last time so far that I can remember feeling weightless like I was levitating during meditation and the teachings so profound and clear. What a blessing it was to receive teachings directly from Geshe-la.

  25. dear Luna
    thank you so much for your article, allowing me to reflect on the incredible good fortune we have to have Geshe La appearing to us, his loving kindness is like the sun on the sea, melting my heart. Thank you too for those comments from fellow Kadampas, very helpful.

  26. May Dearest Geshe-la live forever.

    Words cannot express the good that has come to me in this life (and who knows what other lives before) from meeting Geshe-la’s NKT. Only good. Whether I have been living in a Centre, living outside as I am now, attending teachings, not attending teachings, going to Festivals or not, being a model student or not, I am so lucky to have had these 18 years of knowing Geshe-la and the NKT even if a lot of the time I am too stupid to be conscious of it. So grateful for all the recent Dharma and NKT Sangha input that has been available to me on Facebook recently. Thanks Luna, Vide, Pagpa and others. xxxxxx

    (I must get off this computer now, I will read the article above very soon, is it not staying on for long?)

  27. Thank you Luna for this and may everyone be happy.

    10 years ago, I adopted a boy and girl who were 1 and 2 at the time. A week later, I found Dipamkara Meditation Center on Long Island. I feel they were Heruka and Vajrayogini and led me to this path. My partner and I went to GP classes and soon attended FP and then TTP.

    In 2003, we went to Toronto for the empowerment and to meet Venerable Geshe-la. We had babysitters for the kids but it was Easter Sunday and the babysitter could not oblige on this day. My partner went to the teaching and I went to meet her about the time the teaching would be finished. As we walked down a long hallway, I was asked to stop. Venerable Geshe-la was right in front of me and I felt such blessings and power that I had never felt in my life (I am now 62) He gave us a blessing and I thanked him for the teachings. When I told my teacher, Gen Togden of this experience, he thought it was so amazing. These precious teachings have changed my life and these children are future Kadampa teachers 🙂

    Thank you Geshe-la for these teachings that have transformed my life.

      1. so true! There is always a reason why things happen, that is why we better accept what’s coming … that is, if we cannot change it.

  28. I love this article and love you more for writing it so beautifully, it felt as though we were in all the places with our Geshe-la. Pure greatness. How blessed are we to be so loved by him.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  29. Luna it is a beautiful article, thanks for sharing it with us!!! It’s wonderful to read about the compassion and wisdom Ven. Gueshe-la has. I enjoyed too much when you write about the “personal” spiritual guide, reminds me that Gueshe-la is always working for each of us, we’re never alone in our practise.

  30. Thank you so much for this inspiring effort and offering to our guru, I think you have transmitted beautifully a reflection of how fortunate we are to have met such a pure holy being and completely realized master in this life. May he always remain at our hearts until we reach the final goal of full enlightenment.

    John and Andy Mcleod x

  31. Dear Luna,
    Thank you so much for writing this beautiful and informative article about our Spiritual Guide, Geshe-la.
    His compassion and wisdom have given all of his disciples so many blessings to guide us on our way.
    I feel so grateful to have been drawn in by his hook of compassion.
    Geshe-la’s healing powers bless my mind everyday.

    1. Dear Luna, I just feel the same as Joanne! Thank you so much! I feel so gratefull and the best we can do for Geshe-la is to follow his teachings, that’s where I shall put my energy!

  32. What a beautiful article, we are so fortunate. I remember writing to Geshe-la many years ago when my daughter had severe anxiety and panic attacks. I didn’t expect a reply and felt a relief just writing asking for prayers, but about a week later I received an email from him. He said a few things but what stuck out the most was “don’t grasp at the truth of a nine year old child’s behavior.” Those words stayed with me and for each kid, each year when things got rough that is what I remember. Even when I get frustrated with my self, I insert my own age. He also said to continually love her, and that he promised gradually she would improve.

    I love the sun in the ocean coming to each of us. Feels just like that 🙂

  33. What a beautiful article, thanks Luna! Geshe Kelsang is so far ahead of the game – he knows exactly what Westerners need and is so radical. For example, many people who dislike NKT criticise the Temples project, but Geshe-la, in his wisdom, knows that seeing holy images creates special imprints that help everyone in their future lives. He’s not thinking about now, but about the future.

    I owe him everything because what he has taught me has given me immeasurable meaning in my life. Dearest Geshe-la, please remain for a very long time to benefit this suffering world.

    1. Yes, Geshe-la has always said we are working for future generations — if we got our heads around that it would help us exchange self with others and create all the right causes without being short-sighted or self-serving. After all, we will with any luck be part of those future generations ourselves, and might be quite relieved to chance upon a World Peace Temple 😉

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