Celebrating 500,000 page visits to Kadampa Life

I wrote the article below in April 2012. As of August 2014, Kadampa Life has now had half a million visits. I thought briefly about writing another article, but realized this one was still pretty much the ticket… thank you everyone for your continued support 🙂


We just reached 100,000 visits! This is a milestone and I want to thank you all for it. I know this is modest on one level, even exceptionally modest compared to many websites and blogs; but it is also heartening.

I see it as a success for Kadampa blogging in general, which is an effective method to get the word out via cyberspace that meditation is immensely applicable to people’s daily lives. All the meditations referenced on Kadampa Life come from the Kadampa Buddhist tradition, and I’m a Buddhist, but Buddhist meditation is for anybody who wants to find increased peace and freedom in their lives. You don’t have to sign along the dotted line, “I’m a Buddhist,” or anything like that, to enjoy all the techniques Buddha taught – they are available for anybody to use according to their wishes. So if you find something helpful or useful on this site, that’s great.

I also intend this blog as an encouragement to get the Kadampa talent out on display, and since I started in December 2011 there are now around 15 more bloggers from this Buddhist tradition sharing their experience, which is 14 more than when I started… (Mimi’s This Mountain That Mountain about dealing with illness was already up and running.) Vide Kadampa deserves a shout-out for managing to write one whole creative article on Lamrim meditation every single day! I’m also indebted to my guest bloggers so far – Kadampa social worker, Kadampa working dad and Kadampa nun.

Thank you to all Kadampa Life subscribers! There are now close to 500 subscribers who kindly allow an article to pop directly into your busy over-flowing inbox every few days, and I appreciate you.

Those of you who have made comments on the articles, thank you, it is very helpful and pleasurable for the readers and me to have feedback and two-way conversations.

And I also value all Facebook friends for interesting conversations, lots of market research, and your generous sharing of the articles.

To celebrate 100,000 visits, we have redesigned the site! The main idea is to make it easier to find articles, as there are now well over 100, and they were submerged in the previous design. Please do take a look and tell us how you find it.

Thank you again, readers and contributors!! You’ve been very encouraging from the beginning, and of course there would be no point in keeping going without you. Please continue to give me your ideas for articles and let me know any suggestions for improvement.

Author: Luna Kadampa

Based on 40 years' experience, I write about applying meditation and modern Buddhism to improve and transform our everyday lives and societies. I try to make it accessible to everyone anywhere who wants more inner peace and profound tools to help our world, not just Buddhists. Do make comments any time and I'll write you back!

22 thoughts on “Celebrating 500,000 page visits to Kadampa Life”

  1. Congratulations, Luna! Thank you for your kindness and your wisdom.
    Can’t wait to hear what else you’re up to.

  2. Well deserved congratulations to you and a big ‘thank you’ for all the effort and love you put into the blog. I am so thankful for it. I refer to your blog regularly for many different reasons: sometimes I want to enhance my understanding of a specific teaching or concept; sometimes it’s because I am worrying about something and need a reminder about how to deal with the negative thoughts; sometimes I just have a few minutes to spare and want to read something useful and uplifting. No matter what my reason for visiting on any given day, I *always* go away feeling happier and a little wiser than when I arrived. What a blessing!

    1. I agree totally! Thanks again Luna, your professionalism is much appreciated!

  3. Congrats and a trillion thank-yous 🙂
    You and Vide were among those who got me into this, with your real life Dharma and skilful solutions. Total homage _/\_

        1. 😉 I hope so…that’s the intention.
          I just keep hearing folk say things like “I can’t meditate.”
          Well just by trying to meditate you ARE doing it!
          Buddhists aren’t Buddhas yet.
          The spiritual path is necessarily a rocky one.
          If you’re just trying to be a better person, then it takes some effort.
          Mistakes are inevitable, and as one Zen master said, they’re 99% of the practice. The 1% where you get it right is blissful 🙂 But 1% of the time isn’t much, and I don’t want anybody feeling like they’ve failed because they’re not perfect yet.
          Thanks for including the url BTW. Here’s to your next 100,000.

          1. How about 99.5% being aware of mistakes, treating them as clouds in the sky and watching them with glee as they float by! Every once in awhile I am aware that I am not suffering on a gross level – I simply say – “to be enjoyed while it lasts.” I use to think following the path meant actually getting somewhere. Now I am not so sure getting somewhere is all that important. What is important to me now is loving knowing about the path, hanging out with fellow travelers on some kind of path, sharing the journey and parking myself next to and around objects of refuge. Sometimes I have to imagine objects of refuge but that can really fun because they know the best of everyone!!

            1. Completely agree, Ike! I love that imagery of watching the clouds with glee 🙂 I could do with more gleeful cloud watching LoL. And yes, the journey is the destination, isn’t it. The final goal can only be achieved by living it, at least to some part.

              * You couldn’t copy and paste your brill comment to http://jasbaku.com/about/ could you? I’ve already added a screenshot of the above; I hadn’t thought of it, but it needed to be said (thanks Luna :~) Your comment lightens it, showing the joyful side of the path.

  4. Oh this is a very easy comment to make. Without you I’d still have a mind of darkness! Thanks for opening the key hole of light to shine in on the rest of us. It is then up to us to open the rest of the doors to let all the rays of light in!

  5. Congratulations and thank you, Luna Kadampa! I love to read your messages, your ability to relate the dharma to our daily experiences is very helpful and entertaining as well. Thank you for sharing this gift!

  6. Congratulations! Wow, how wonderful that so many people have the opportunity to receive blessings and imprints, to change their lives forever.

    1. Thank you, Marlene. (Those are page visits, as opposed to unique visitors — it could be the same five people reading all the pages over and over again ;-))

  7. Congratulations Luna! 100,000 views is a testament to your cherishing love for others, your determination and your skill in bringing Dharma to life. Furthermore, it is a testament and a proof that Kadam Dharma is completely identifiable with our everyday experience of life. It also shows the special qualities of the source of teachings – Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Your posts are completely consistent with his Dharma texts and his presentation of ancient wisdom – appropriate for the people of this modern world. Kadam Dharma is the method for people to find real happiness in their lives, and to bring peace to our world. May your blog continue to flourish and help Kadampa Buddhism spread throughout the world!

    1. I very much appreciate your vote of confidence Vide, I couldn’t have asked for a kinder comment.

      Please keep up the good work with your inspiring blog, Daily Lamrim (www.dailylamrim.com). It is a wonderful idea to go through the cycle of meditations, and you do a great job of using vivid illustrations and “real-life” experiences to bring the meditations alive for modern practitioners.

      Thank you.

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