How do I get rid of problems? Buddha’s advice

problemA million-dollar question. If we could answer this, we could get finally be free of the wretched things. In fact, this would be priceless information.

Buddha did answer this. The whole of Buddhism, or “Dharma”, is supposedly a method to solve all our daily problems, and not just temporarily but FOREVER! This might seem a bit far-fetched. Unless …  unless we realize what our problems actually are and where they are all coming from. At which point the Dharma method suddenly make a lot of sense. And if we gain some actual experience of how this works by trying it out in practice, it makes increasingly more sense. At least, that has been my experience over the past 33 years. I think Buddhism is supercharged common sense.

In his Medicine Buddha teachings of 2004, my teacher Geshe Kelsang said:

Buddha’s teachings are the actual method to solve human problems. To understand this, firstly we think, “What is the real nature of our problems?” Secondly we think, “What is the main cause of our problems?”

The nature of our problems
Medicine Buddha
Medicine Buddha helps us cure our inner problems

Have you already had a problem today perchance? What was it? A work problem, a relationship problem, a health problem, a family problem, a computer problem, an ageing problem, an existential problem?

Whichever it was, there were two things going on if we check. For example, if someone said something to us like, “You are not a priority in my life,” and we felt disappointed, there was the outer problem presenting as the thing they said and the inner (actual) problem of our unwished for sad response to that. These are not the same. If that person had said the same words and we hadn’t given a monkeys, we wouldn’t have had an actual problem. And in some cases, like if you happen to be a celebrity and that person a stalker (and I don’t know who reads this blog), those same words might even be a source of relief.

Our problems do not exist outside our mind. Their real nature is our unpleasant feelings, which are part of our mind. Normally we conflate outer and inner problems. Yesterday during a phone call my friend cursed, “Oh darn, I have a problem,” when Avast antivirus disabled his Yahoo toolbar. To be fair he got over it right away – his own unpleasant feeling, his actual problem, passed quickly. Then he sorted out the outer problem by fiddling about with his computer. (Or maybe he didn’t, I didn’t check.)

No unpleasant feeling = no problem. As my teacher says:

 “The computer’s problem exists outside. Our problem exists inside.”baby Rousseau

We can solve external problems as and when necessary by external means, eg, taking the computer to a computer whizz who understands the causes of the problem and can therefore fix it. To fix our inner problems, however, we need to understand their causes, which are not the same at all.

The cause of our problems

Geshe Kelsang continues:

problems outside the mindNow, what is the main cause of our problems? The delusions. All our problems, our unpleasant feelings, come from the delusions of our attachment and ignorance. Therefore, these delusions are the main causes of our problems.

To show how this works, he goes onto explain the role that uncontrolled desire or attachment to our own wishes plays, and you can read about this in How to Solve our Human Problems pages 3-4.  (I recommend having that book on your bedside table and dipping into it every day or whenever you are having a problem —  it is a treasury of practical advice.) I have also written several articles on delusions here.

So I won’t go into more detail here — I just wanted to share the simple logic of figuring out (1) what is the nature of our problems ie, unpleasant feelings, and (2) what is the cause of our problems ie, delusions. Once we can see this, problems becomes so much more easy to handle.


Author: Luna Kadampa

Based on 40 years' experience, I write about applying meditation and modern Buddhism to improve and transform our everyday lives and societies. I try to make it accessible to everyone anywhere who wants more inner peace and profound tools to help our world, not just Buddhists. Do make comments any time and I'll write you back!

7 thoughts on “How do I get rid of problems? Buddha’s advice”

  1. Problems are only a perception held by the human mind!
    In actuality, problems do not exist…
    What does exist is the need for humans to control all issues in their lives…
    If one let’s go of the need to control, problems NO longer are an issue, so therefore NO longer exist…
    How does one let go of the need to control?
    One has to assume the mental state of Oneness with all…
    Be as the stream that flows effortlessly around all obstacles…
    Be as the Reed on the shore that
    bends in the wind & not like the
    sturdy oak that is not flexible &
    eventually becomes uprooted in the storm!

  2. Bless 😀 love the cat too cute 😉 interesting I have a question here for you 😊 many people love Geshe-la for his common sense and humble heart always thinking of helping others 😉 also many people love and follow the Dalai Lama 😉 to be honest I did not follow any of them until I was given a book one day from a lady who came to me for help and it was a kind heart Dalai Lama 😊 this got my interest in buddhism in general which to me is common sense and I had been doing all my life 😍 trying to help people and not cause harm to anyone as my grandfather always told me if you do not have a good word to say about anyone then do not say anything ☺️ My point here is and it may sound silly but I have to ask it ☺️ If you loved both Geshe-la and the Dalai Lama with a passion because of a good heart then you would not have an external problem but if you then saw an act of violence a ripple effect from the actions of another and this caused a pain in your heart to see such barbaric actions you then have an internal problem of unrest so then you have to take out your Dharma jewel and give it a right good polish and shine and show a good example of how the Dharma is ment to flourish ? is a silly question if this is so and right then why are so many both sides of that gold coin not following simple common sense x

      1. Ty Luna but is it not the ones causing the unrest to work on their Dharma ?

    1. How real is this awesome advice I so badly needed right now. Shooo this just proves our Buddha’s are always around and listenin👂g to our prayers 🙏. As I just did my Tara’s Puja I asked for help and needed to know which Dharma book to find the answers and help. Wow this is unbelievable. Wala reading one of your articles scrolled down for more of your articles and there’s exactly what I need.
      Thank You 🙏.
      Much Luv and Blessings

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