Past & future lives

reincarnationHere are some articles on rebirth, reincarnation, past & future lives, life after death ~ whatever you want to call it.


Extract: When it comes to rebirth, or life continuing after the death of this body, it seems very well worth keeping an open mind, for what is there to lose?

Are you a traveler? Where are you bound? ~ rebirth part 1

Extract: If we want to know who we are, we have to understand what our mind is. We have to understand its nature, we have to understand its function, we have to understand that it is a never-ending continuum. Only then will we realize who we are, and that who we are is a traveler.

Where were you before you were born? ~ rebirth part 2stones

Extract: We get a sense now of how our mind is a becoming, a moment by moment transformation, a mental continuum. This moment arose naturally from the previous moment of mind in an unbroken continuum, and the mind of this moment will transform into the mind of the next moment, a never ending flow.

The circle of life ~ rebirth part 3

Extract: This body has a very limited shelf life. Which means that this life that we’re in at the moment is very temporary as well, and will not last for more than a few hundred more months, at most. Luckily, this is not who we are. small problem filling mind

What is the point of training the brain!? ~ rebirth part 4

Extract: “In the light of eternity I can see very clearly now that there is no difference between one moment and one hundred years.”

Time traveler ~ rebirth part 5

Extract: Our consciousness too may pool in one world for a time, with the relatively superficial swirls and eddies of change — perhaps we will move around, or change friends, or raise a family, or advance in our careers, or retire. But one day it will inexorably exit through the rocks to move on.

Who do you want to be when you die? ~ rebirth part 6

Extract: People say that they don’t want to think about death, “I don’t want to think about leaving everything!” But we won’t even notice that we’ve left everything! Do you even notice that last night’s dream has come and gone? Do any of you miss last week’s dream? Do any of you miss any of your past lives at the moment?samsara attachment to home

Is heaven real?

Extract: Buddha had a great deal to say on the subject of the nature and types of consciousness and its relationship to the body, the survival of consciousness after death, the existence of different realms and what and where these are, the existence of divine beings and what and where these are, the ontological status of ourselves and our world, and so on.


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  1. If a person dies in their sleep while dreaming, does the dream continue on as the person’s next life? Are our dreams merely windows to alternate, past, or future lives or are they “vehicles” which carry our consciousness to other planes of existence?

    1. Dear T. A, no, that person will go through the clear light of death, the deepest level of consciousness, and the mind will leave the body, enter the intermediate state, or bardo, and then take rebirth in a new body. You can read about this cycle of consciousness in Introduction to Buddhism or the free download of How to Transform Your Life. Hope this helps.

  2. beautiful blog. I would love to be able to go through it more and in detail at a later date.. thanks. eve

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