Feeling lonely?

Loneliness 2
Lonely, or in seventh heaven?!

A series of articles on how we can overcome the illusion of loneliness.

Why do I feel so lonely?

Extract: Loneliness says far more about our world view or outlook on life than about who is or who is not around us. Whether we are in a relationship or not, whether we have many friends or only a few, we all need to learn the same things.

How to mend a broken heart according to Buddhism

Extract: At the beginning of this love affair, we set ourselves up in need. We didn’t need them before, and they didn’t make us need them; that is all on us, or our mind of attachment. We are no longer the whole orange – we are half an orange and we need the other half to feel whole or complete.

Enjoying life

Extract: These kinds of experiences show me that it is possible to enjoy without attachment and clinging, and in genuine communion with others.

Why do I have no friends?

Extract: Uncontrolled desire, or attachment, takes us out of the here and the now. Have you noticed how, when you are attached, you are always wanting to be someplace different or with someone else, never content or satisfied in the present moment with the people around you?

What to do when we feel alone

Extract: Here is a short but sweet meditation based on some of the previous loneliness articles that you can do before moving onto the rest of this article …




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