15 thoughts on “Pure mind, pure world”

  1. Greetings. I am new to blogging and greatly enjoyed reading your post. Deep gratitude for your clear insight. Remember “many drops make an ocean”, keep up the inspiring writing.
    Palms pressed together and deep respectful bow.

      1. ThanQ. It means a lot to have contact with a fellow Buddhist. I have been studying alone, well via PDF books on my smartphone and articles on the internet. I am awaiting a delivery of actual Buddhist books sent from Taiwan 3 months ago… I haven’t visited a Kadampa Center yet, would love to though. I have been to the Nan Hua Buddhist Temple in Bronkhorstspruit a few times.They are of the Fo Guang Shan/Humanistic Buddhism, Mahayana tradition. I would deeply appreciate any advice from you Luna. I plan to read all your blogs. From a Western perspective and intuition abounding, I know I will learn alot .. May all beings be happy! Palms pressed together and deep respectful bow from Gauteng, South Africa..

          1. ThanQ for the link. I checked it out on the internet. It is about an hour away from where I live, so I would not be able to attend as the classes start at 18h30 and I don’t drive far at night for safety reasons..
            So, for me I will continue studying as before. Maybe when I visit Bali at the end of the year I will find a Kadampa based teacher there… It will be my second visit to Bali, and there is plenty opportunity waiting I feel. Hope to keep in contact.
            May all beings be happy, and the causes for happiness.
            Palms pressed togethèr and deep respectful bow.


  2. I love that one 🙏 No head to grasp at lol 😂 just wondering what I would look like without a head! Sometimes I think way to much 🤔

  3. Understanding emptiness is always a tricky one!! Emptiness of all phenomena….. to see things as a dream, think of the last holiday we went on, it comes to us as a thought, a bit like a dream. Think of something we did last month, again it’s a thought, last week or yesterday, still a thought (a dream) , an hour ago , a minute ago, it’s a thought , even 5 seconds ago, it’s now a thought. So we have thousands of second or even half second moments a day which instantly become a thought or like a dream ……

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