15 thoughts on “Pure mind, pure world”

      1. ThanQ. It means a lot to have contact with a fellow Buddhist. I have been studying alone, well via PDF books on my smartphone and articles on the internet. I am awaiting a delivery of actual Buddhist books sent from Taiwan 3 months ago… I haven’t visited a Kadampa Center yet, would love to though. I have been to the Nan Hua Buddhist Temple in Bronkhorstspruit a few times.They are of the Fo Guang Shan/Humanistic Buddhism, Mahayana tradition. I would deeply appreciate any advice from you Luna. I plan to read all your blogs. From a Western perspective and intuition abounding, I know I will learn alot .. May all beings be happy! Palms pressed together and deep respectful bow from Gauteng, South Africa..


          1. ThanQ for the link. I checked it out on the internet. It is about an hour away from where I live, so I would not be able to attend as the classes start at 18h30 and I don’t drive far at night for safety reasons..
            So, for me I will continue studying as before. Maybe when I visit Bali at the end of the year I will find a Kadampa based teacher there… It will be my second visit to Bali, and there is plenty opportunity waiting I feel. Hope to keep in contact.
            May all beings be happy, and the causes for happiness.
            Palms pressed togethèr and deep respectful bow.



  1. I love that one 🙏 No head to grasp at lol 😂 just wondering what I would look like without a head! Sometimes I think way to much 🤔


  2. Understanding emptiness is always a tricky one!! Emptiness of all phenomena….. to see things as a dream, think of the last holiday we went on, it comes to us as a thought, a bit like a dream. Think of something we did last month, again it’s a thought, last week or yesterday, still a thought (a dream) , an hour ago , a minute ago, it’s a thought , even 5 seconds ago, it’s now a thought. So we have thousands of second or even half second moments a day which instantly become a thought or like a dream ……


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