Want to banish stress?

I am on the road again, this time to Glasgow. The tube was delayed into Heathrow by some undisclosed incident on the tracks, and after 10 minutes a young boy started to whimper, “We’re going to miss our plane!” His patient mother explained several times why they still had plenty of time, and when that didn’t … Continue reading “Want to banish stress?”

Overcoming stress & anxiety

Links to Kadampa Life’s articles on overcoming stress and anxiety, all in one place. Hopefully you’ll find something helpful in here, whatever your background. How to overcome anxiety Extract: It doesn’t matter whether fears or misfortunes are real or imagined, large or small — they all seem to consume us. With anxiety we can’t help overthinking, … Continue reading “Overcoming stress & anxiety”

How to avoid stress and burn-out at work

This is related to the article, Meditation in the Pursuit of Happiness. Do you or any of your friends have any of the following symptoms of chronic stress or burn-out? Do you have to drag yourself to work and, when you get home, do you have no energy left to do much other than flop … Continue reading “How to avoid stress and burn-out at work”

Buddhist meditation: one of the world’s best-kept secrets?!

Scientists say they have evidence to show that Buddhists really are happier and calmer than other people.  ~ Reuters For more than twenty years now, in the press — in the cracks between all the disasters erupting all over the world — there has been increasing talk about the scientific findings which indicate that meditation … Continue reading “Buddhist meditation: one of the world’s best-kept secrets?!”

Giving up self-hatred once and for all

5.5 mins read. Call me biased, but I can’t help thinking that Buddha Shakyamuni is the best psychologist who ever walked the earth. Yet he is also transcendent, visionary. His vision is not just about us all feeling better, but about us all being our very best self, which just happens to be enlightened. Following … Continue reading “Giving up self-hatred once and for all”

How to stop being so down on ourselves

I was thinking the other day that perhaps it is no wonder self-hatred is a thing — if we have the inner poison of anger and spend 24/7 with ourselves, we are bound to get angry with ourselves sooner or later! Someone I know, who btw is fabulous and has literally nothing wrong with them, … Continue reading “How to stop being so down on ourselves”

Being kinder to ourselves and others

7.5 mins read. I thought we’d start by looking at why we really need to do something sooner rather than later about this inner critic — or inner bully — which is always putting us down. Carrying straight on from Silencing the inner critic.  As part of anger, it is a toxic inner poison, so … Continue reading “Being kinder to ourselves and others”

Pausing in the pursuit of happiness to be happy

9.5 mins read. Setting some time aside for a relaxing meditation session every day, even 10 or 15 minutes, is likely the quickest and most effective way to start mastering our minds (aka choosing our thoughts). Carrying on from this article, Getting started with mindfulness. And we can think of it more as a mini-vacation … Continue reading “Pausing in the pursuit of happiness to be happy”

Emergency aid for a troubled mind

9 mins read Do you ever wish you had a quick fix for an unhappy mind? Like you even know what you could be doing to feel better, but your mind is just too roiled to be able to do it? The craving is just too strong and convincing, the irritation just too, well, irritating? … Continue reading “Emergency aid for a troubled mind”

A beacon to light the future in South Africa

Guest article by Kadampa Buddhist monk, Gen Pagpa. South Africa is the most unequal country in the world. The education system is in a dire state and there is 50% youth unemployment. However, in the midst of all this, COSAT High School shines out as a beacon of hope. COSAT is in Khayelitsha Township, Cape … Continue reading “A beacon to light the future in South Africa”