7 mins read. I think we could all do with some kind of conversation between our heart-mind and our thinky head. I remember some years back already knowing exactly what to think and do, Dharma-wise, when undergoing a break up, and even clearly understanding that I was far better off without this person. My head … Continue reading “Heartspace”

Can I use sleep in my spiritual path?

A guest article by a modern Buddhist practitioner who works full time as a manager of software engineer teams. 5.5 mins read Training in meditation while we sleep is one of the most important spiritual practices we can do. Our mind is a moment by moment continuum of consciousness, a bit like an internal Instagram … Continue reading “Can I use sleep in my spiritual path?”

What are we going to do about our short attention spans?!

10 mins read. How’s your attention span? These days, people are complaining of being more scatter-brained than ever – some studies even suggest that we may have the attention span of your average guppy! Having a short attention span affects everything from being able to get much done through to feelings of restlessness, lack of … Continue reading “What are we going to do about our short attention spans?!”

Toward an empowered sense of self

5.5 mins read. Buddha is not saying that we don’t have faults and limitations because of course we do (well I do); and we need to identify what these are if we are to have any hope of getting rid of them. Carrying on from this article, Being kinder to ourselves and others. If we … Continue reading “Toward an empowered sense of self”

Being kinder to ourselves and others

7.5 mins read. I thought we’d start by looking at why we really need to do something sooner rather than later about this inner critic — or inner bully — which is always putting us down. Carrying straight on from Silencing the inner critic.  As part of anger, it is a toxic inner poison, so … Continue reading “Being kinder to ourselves and others”

Control your thoughts or they’ll control you

8 mins read The other day I heard about a study in which psychologists asked a bunch of regular people how many of their thoughts they had no control over, out of 10. Their findings seemed quite startling, so in my own further market research I have of late been asking hundreds of people this … Continue reading “Control your thoughts or they’ll control you”

Going wide means going deep

Yesterday I ran into a cool guy at the Colorado Mills Outlet Mall – he was smiling so broadly as he served his customers that I couldn’t help saying to him when it was my turn, “You’re in a really great mood!” And he replied, “Yes, I’m always happy. It’s a choice, you know. I … Continue reading “Going wide means going deep”

Getting perspective on hurt feelings

I’m sinking in the quicksand of my thought And I ain’t got the power anymore. ~ Quicksand As mentioned in the previous article, step one in transforming our mind — gaining power over our lives and destinies — is to start by focusing on the breath. One reason for this is that we are all breathing, … Continue reading “Getting perspective on hurt feelings”

Changing direction

6 mins read In Buddhism, we train to solve our own and everybody else’s problems through compassion and wisdom. This is a bit different to the usual way we try to solve them, to be honest, which is generally through attachment and aversion. Out of attachment to a world outside our thoughts, a world in … Continue reading “Changing direction”

What is life according to Buddha?

We can start the meditation on the mind, as mentioned here, just by watching the cloud-like thoughts come and go within the clear sky-like mind, without reacting or intruding or indeed thinking them through. Our mind may not seem much like a clear sky to begin with – it may indeed feel totally overcast, with … Continue reading “What is life according to Buddha?”